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A teenage girl being told about adolescent mental health treatment programsIdentifying mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD in young people can be challenging. Our adolescent mental health treatment programs include thorough assessments, diagnosis, and evidence-based care to address psychological and behavioral concerns and promote healing.

Beyond Healthcare Beachwood provides adolescent mental health treatment in a comfortable setting that suits your family’s preferences. Our science-based and trauma-informed methods can aid your family in healing, communicating, and making progress. If you’re looking for mental health treatment programs in Beachwood, please contact Beyond Healthcare Beachwood at 888.714.3162 today.

Our Adolescent Mental Health Treatment Programs

We offer a variety of adolescent mental health treatment programs to help young people lead happier, more fulfilling lives. From initial assessment and diagnosis to therapy and medication management, our team is committed to helping families grow and heal.

Assessment and Diagnosis

If you’ve noticed signs of anxiety or depression in your teenager, our team can assist you. We comprehensively evaluate clients to detect any difficulties or mental health conditions. The assessment will establish your teen’s appropriate level of care and provide our treatment teams with important information about specific requirements.

Our accredited mental health treatment center utilizes trustworthy assessment approaches to identify your teenager’s mental health issues. This assessment usually takes slightly more than an hour and can be conducted in person or virtually. Once the evaluation is completed, we will assign your teen to one of our group therapy programs, or we may suggest other healthcare providers who can offer further treatment as needed.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Our mental health treatment center in Beachwood offers an adolescent partial hospitalization program that uses evidence-based therapies to help teenagers with complex conditions. Our PHP lasts six hours daily and includes family sessions and weekly phone conversations to keep you informed about your teen’s progress. Each week, the program also offers 25 hours of group therapy, one hour of individual therapy, and one to two appointments with a nurse practitioner.

Long-term, frequent therapy can help your child develop new coping strategies to manage their issues and maintain good mental health. Starting a PHP is a commitment to long-term well-being during a time when young people are adaptable and open to change. Your teenager can make significant progress quickly. Moreover, our team of PHP professionals works with your adolescent’s school to ensure their well-being and aid them when returning to an academic setting.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The after-school program, known as an IOP or day treatment, happens three days a week for three hours each day. Adolescent intensive outpatient program groups usually have eight to 12 teenagers sorted by age group. The program provides mental health support, therapy sessions, and medication management to help your teen manage academics, family commitments, social and extracurricular activities, and other responsibilities. Patients with moderate mental health symptoms who do not have suicidal tendencies or engage in self-harm are suitable for treatment with an IOP.

Based on progress, our IOP usually lasts six to eight weeks. In addition to attending IOP group sessions, your teenager can receive individual therapy services and specialized family counseling. This option allows families to participate in therapy sessions and resolve problems by improving communication.

Medication Management

We will develop a treatment plan that follows standard protocols and meets your approval in case medication is found to be necessary for your teenager. Our team will guide you through the advantages and risks of each medicine option, giving you the required time to make an informed decision for your family.

We aim to offer support and resources for parents dealing with mental health issues and to provide guidance in making informed decisions regarding necessary medications. Our objective is to assist everyone in our care to reach a state of healing.

Virtual Therapy

We recognize that each family is unique. Therefore, we allow parents to select the treatment that best suits their teenager. If virtual counseling sessions are appropriate for your teenager, we’ll support you in finding care that caters to your needs. Virtual sessions can involve individual therapy and medication management support. We also offer a virtual intensive outpatient program for adolescents to make care more flexible and accessible.

Family Involvement, Education, and Treatment

We recognize the significance of family participation in aiding the recovery of adolescents. We provide family treatment, coaching, and education to assist parents in offering optimal support to their children. In addition, we will introduce you to other families encountering similar issues since having others who comprehend your experience can be beneficial.

Seek Treatment for Mental Health at Beyond Healthcare Beachwood

If your adolescent or teen needs treatment for mental health, contact Beyond Healthcare Beachwood. We offer caring, professional assistance for mental health concerns in our Beachwood center, elsewhere in the community, or virtually. In our supportive care, you’ll feel a sense of belonging that encourages overall wellness. To learn more, you can contact us at 888.714.3162 or online.